At Spokane Health Insurance we offer a couple of different dental products for people who would like to purchase a stand alone dental plan. There are dental plans available with most health insurance plans but if you don’t like those plans we offer these plans as well as some information to do the  research you need on a product that fits your needs.


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Plans We Offer:


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2015 Smart Smile Copay Schedule

2015 Super Smart Smile Copay Schedule

Spokane Provider Network         Outside Spokane Network

  • No deductibles
  • No Waiting Periods
  • No Co- Insurance
  • No Annual Maximum Benefit
  • Adult Cleaning $25
  • DMO Network


Spirit Dental

Spirit Dental Brochure

  • Choose any dentist
  • $50 calendar year deductible
  • No enrollment fee
  • Optional vision insurance
  • 30 day satifaction guarantee

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